Maurice “Moe” James – Relationship Builder & Thought Reset Architect

The 5 F’s You Must Talk About Sooner Rather Than Later

Maurice James is doing relationships differently! Maurice is a Relationship Builder, Author, Speaker, and Spiritual Life Coach. He helps spiritual-minded singles & unmarried couples understand the purpose of relationship & how to do them differently. These are individuals and couples who have experienced abusive and toxic relationships.

He’s a Thought Reset Architect. He helps those whom he serves 1) Change their relationship mindset 2) Understand their relationship’s purpose and 3) Do relationships differently and Founding Member – IMPACT (International Membership of Professional Advisors, Coaches & Trainers)

In his dialogue with me, Maurice shared:

  • Why acknowledging where you are and what you’ve done is not enough
  • The biggest hindrance to thriving relationships for men and women over 30
  • The difference between having a purpose and having a dream
  • The 5 F’s: grown up conversations men and women need to be having now else they will come up later…and it won’t be good

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Maurice James – The Relationship Builder