Malcolm Martin – Certified Celebrity Trainer & Host of Black Fathers Go Further Podcast

What Fathers Know That Daughters Need To Know

Malcolm Martin, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY moved to Los Angeles 5 years ago.  He’s been a certified celebrity trainer since 2000 to the likes of John Legend , Sam Smith, India Arie.  He’s still with John since 2005. Malcolm has extensive travel around globe from John Legend touring. He became a first time father at the tender young age of 47 to a 5yr old daughter named Madison, who’s is mastering 3 languages while attending a French Immersion school. From fatherhood, he developed a passion to spread the word good and bad of black fatherhood through his new podcast “Black Fathers Go Further”.

Malcolm co-parents his daughter with his ex.  He’s learned a lot as a result.  He talks about:

  • how the types of fathers compare to the 5 categories of a hurricane
  • the nature of a man
  • how he and his daughter’s mother were able to rise above their differences to put their daughter’s wellbeing first
  • what he’d want his daughter to know about men
  • little things women should look for
  • his definition of a good woman and what about her stops a man in his tracks

…and so much more.

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Malcolm Martin – Certified Celebrity Trainer & Host of “Black Fathers Go Further” Podcast