Luis Santiago – Matchmaker & Relationship Coach

Be Open To Possibility

At the time of our interview, Luis Santiago had been studying the dynamics of men and women for the last 20+ years. His own journey of self-discovery, truth and love inspired him to help others through their positive transformation process. He was the first Male Relationship Coach to be hired by Three Day Rule, the official matchmaker for Luis was also voted “Best of the West Matchmaker”, on NBC’s show, The Match Off.

In our conversation, Luis discussed: 

  • Our number one drive is connection
  • Why he believes you don’t end up single unless you choose to be
  • How statistics can be in your favor, even if the odds seem small
  • Why having made a lot of mistakes qualifies him to coach others in their relationships

…and so much more, plus other insights about dating and mindset he shared in between!

Speaker’s Updated Contact & Resource List

  • Information shared in interview is no longer accessible

Luis Santiago – Matchmaker & Relationship Coach