Kiel Frett – Mental Health Clinician

Don’t Be Afraid To Love

Kiel is a mental health clinician who works for Daymark Recovery Services in Henderson, NC. He has spent most of his adult life helping hurting people as a camp counselor, youth minister, special education teacher and as a residential care staff for at-risk teenagers.  He is especially passionate about the intersection of faith, mental health and healthy masculinity in a world that seems to devalue it.

Having struggled in all these areas, finding himself in his own spiritual crisis, he understands that true spirituality is when all three work in tandem rather than attempting to choose one over the other.


In his dialogue with me, Kiel shared:

  • The struggle for men who grew up in church to reconcile faith and intimacy
  • Two main components of healthy relationships
  • Man’s search for love in connection to connection in love
  • The evolution of masculinity and why a new definition is critical

…and much more


Kiel Frett – Mental Health Clinician