Kevin Rasberry – Playwright and Best-Selling Author

The 4-1-1 on Players:  Why Players Aren’t Intimidated By Extremely Educated Women And Why They Actually Target Them

Kevin is the best-selling author of the self-help book, Decisions and Consequences-The Realities of Being a Man. His second book, Evolution of The Good Man which was adapted into the stage play by WOW Productions, “Confessions of a Good Man.” The stage play opened to four consecutive sold out shows beginning in July 2013. At the core of Kevin’s endeavors is his commitment to the development of boys and men.

For the past 20+ years, Kevin has been a mentor to countless boys and men across the country to include homeless youth. This dedication and commitment to developing great men and leaders for our communities, he became the founder of the historic new charter school Garden City Preparatory Academy for Boys.

Kevin is also a disabled veteran of the United States Army, a member of the South Carolina Combat Veterans Group and a member of the 100 Black Men of Greater Columbia. Once a single father for 13 years, Kevin is a husband, father of four biological children and the step father of two.

In his dialogue with me, Kevin takes us behind the mask to:

  • The importance of evaluating who you align yourself 
  • Why a woman’s age never intimidates a guy playing the field and how her words betray her
  • How a woman sets the stage for “dogs” to appear in her life
  • Why extremely educated women are easiest for Players to run game on
  • Signs that  a man is serious about you versus the man who is just waiting for your “90-day rule” to be over
  • What flexibility you need to look for even in men who have the qualities you want

…and much more


Kevin Rasberry – Playwright and Best-Selling Author

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