Jeremy Roadruck – Best Selling Author & Kung Fu Master

Only Boys Want A Mom.  A Good Man Wants A Partner.

Best-Selling Author, Kung Fu Master, Pan-American Champion, former member of the military, former corporate wage slave, and former factory worker, Jeremy Roadruck has been through many seasons and adventures in his life. Today, he’s a speaker, author, teacher, and consultant to families, couples, teens and kids helping to improve communication, understanding and appreciation by teaching people how to play games worth winning and share stories worth telling. Jeremy was also in several dysfunctional relationships, and didn’t get married until he was 38, and his daughter was born when he was 39

In our energetic interview, Jeremy talks about:

  • how his habit of over-giving strongly correlates to feelings of lack and inadequacy
  • the biggest gift a man can give to a woman
  • an expanded definition of a good woman and why good men crave her
  • the way good men show up for women they’re interested in
  • the power women hold that only good women truly recognize and respect
  • how a woman who does everything in the relationship is running game on herself

…and so much more.

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Jeremy Roadruck -Best-Selling Author & Kung Fu Master