Jeffrey Tambor – Energetic NLP Developer & Founder of Woven Lightning

How To Be Your Own Safe Space In Your Relationships

Jeffrey Tambor’s applied 15 years of deep personal transformation experience to develop a unique way of surfacing and then obliterating the walls and blocks that prevent you from finding the fulfillment and success you’ve been searching for.

Jeff encountered Art Giser and Energetic NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) in 2010 after already practicing as a full-time professional healer for a number of years. He went on to train extensively in Energetic NLP with Art. This profoundly opened his intuitive perceptions and greatly enhanced his ability to work with energetic clearing, healing, and transformation.

Through his Woven Lighting approach, he empowers you to effectively upgrade your whole operating system for more leveraged and powerful results in all areas of your life.

In his dialogue with me, Jeff shared:

  • Befriending, a survival mechanism often seen in women
  • Why a breathing exercise is not always effective when you’ve been triggered
  • What’s super attractive to the conscious man
  • The difference between codependent and anti-dependent

…and much more


Jeff Tambor – Energetic NLP Developer