Jayneiro Moore – Certified Christian Counselor

The Transforming Power of Love

Jayneiro D. Moore Sr, a New York native, is a professional Truck Driver, and Merchandiser for Coca-Cola Southwest beverages. Through Kingdom Recovery Coaching, Jayneiro counsels those who are dealing with serious life and marital issues.

He has a unique counseling style, in that he uses the word of God for empowerment and a bit of comedy for uplifting. He also serves as co-founder  of Pink Love Houston, serving strippers, prostitutes, and the sex trafficked.

Jayneiro has been happily married to Kisha N. Moore for the last 16 years while enjoying each other for 20 years, and they have 5 awesome children together.

In his dialogue with me, Jayneiro shared:

  • The worst people to talk to about your relationship problems
  • What successful women have in common with strippers, prostitutes and the sex trafficked 
  • The key qualities a woman should look for in a man
  • Why 95% of individuals need counseling to work out some things

…and much more


Jayneiro Moore – Certified Christian Counselor