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After I Do:  The Importance of Not Losing Each Other In the Day-To-Day

Jay Jacobs is an author and host of “I Hate Average Podcast” where he interviews various entertainers and entrepreneurs to tell their unique stories.  If you were to ask him though.  He’d tell you he’s an average guy who strives to spotlight ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  He’s a husband and father residing in the Bronx, NY. 

The strength of this interview was Jay’s honesty.  His, I believe, is a silent frustration of men when the priorities of the day-to-day of marriage makes them feel last on the to-do list.  Jay shares:

  • a rude awakening about marriage he wasn’t prepared for
  • how feelings of neglect and obligation led to him seeking attention outside his marriage
  • how the actions of “a good woman” (his wife) changed his trajectory and reinvigorated his love and his commitment
  • the motivation behind his podcast, ” I Hate Average”
  • the super power his wife had that validated his value in the relationship

…and so much more.

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Jay Jacobs – Author & Host of “I Hate Average” Podcast