Jason Moore – Loving Husband and Father

A Woman’s Power To Create A Space for Trust and Healing

Jason Moore wasn’t looking for love – not at all.  Growing up without his mother around and the resulting resentment towards women he felt as a result, he didn’t trust women.  Everything changed when he met his wife, Jennifer!  It was like something else took over that was out of his control.   Theirs was such a powerful story of the transforming power of love that I wanted to share it with you again.

Jason is a North Carolina native with roots stemming from New York.  He is passionate about his faith, family and fitness. It’s been 10 years since they married and they are still glowing!

In his dialogue with me, Jason shared:

  • What goes through a man’s mind right before he’s ready to ultimately commit to a woman
  • Why what a man says initially is what a woman needs to hold him to
  • What motivates men to do what they do and how knowing this is empowering
  • How femininity is the solution to a man’s erratic behavior

…and much more


Jason Moore – Loving Husband and Father

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