Dennis Sumlin – Core Confidence Coach & Podcast Host

“I Just Want To Give and Receive Love”

Dennis R Sumlin is a speaking and confidence coach, podcaster, and the founder of Core Confidence Life, an artist development and promotion service. With a long background in performing arts, education, and personal development, Dennis helps men transcend inner limitations and anxiety so they can be the confident men they desire. Born and raised in New York City, Dennis’s mission is to help people gain a deeper understanding of themselves and elevate their unique talents, as he continues his own journey of growth.

In this insightful interview, Dennis reveals:

  • inner blindness that shows up in poor relationship decisions
  • why men don’t want to talk about their personal struggles
  • misconceptions men have about what it means to be a man
  • anger in men and the need for it to be worked out of them
  • the power of good women and why men need them
  • how doing things for a woman comes naturally when he really cares about her

…and so much more.

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Dennis Sumlin – Core Confidence Coach & Podcast Host