Cornell Wright – Executive Director of the NC Office of Minority Health & Health Disparities

Me Too: Exposing Sexual Coercion and Reeducating Our Sexual Selves

A much-sought after speaker, Cornell Wright has provided his expertise in various speaking roles through keynote addresses, conferences, panels, and presentations in national and local platforms. During one of the more recent speaking engagements, Wright served as the closing keynote speaker for the first annual North Carolina Sexual Health Conference, where his presentation, “From the Color Purple to Purple Rain: Exploring the Historical Context of Sexual Violence, Sexual Expression, and Sexual Health Equity”, provided a unique and innovative approach to public health messaging through the use of interactive media including music, poetry, and visuals to intimately connect with his audience. This presentation was recently turned into a TEDxTalk, “#ColorPurpleRain: Sexual Health Equity in Context” at TEDxUNC.

In his dialogue with me, Cornell shared:

  • The importance of getting consent before invading someone’s intimate space
  • The difference between Relationships versus Situationships
  • The faith community and sexual bias
  • A form of coercion that is a red flag that men and women turn a blind eye to

…and much more


Cornell Wright – Executive Director