King Charles Smith – Radio Personality and Relationship Coach

The Miseducation of A King

King Charles has lived life! From foster care, gangs, drug addiction and incarceration, he has been through literal hell yet he has risen from the ashes and lives with passion for his new-found life.

He hosts a weekly internet radio show and has a Facebook following of 12,000 and counting. His message is to inspire in all areas of life.  From marriage/dating, grief, gangs, drugs, molestation, broken homes, all topics where hope can be fostered into seemingly hopeless situations.

King Charles does not shy away from any topic.  Neither does he shy away from the hard questions and the even harder answers.

In his dialogue with me, Charles shared:

  • What you must do to find yourself when you have nothing to go on
  • Ways a woman can recognize a King who is actually living it, not just talking it
  • A huge problem in today’s society between men and women
  • The real indication of maturity

…and much more

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King Charles Smith – Radio Personality and Relationship Coach