Bruce Muzik – Relationship Repair Expert & Founder of Love At First Fight

Love At First Fight: From Power Struggle to Mature Love

Bruce Muzik is a romantic and has always been deeply fascinated with human behavior, particularly the bond that occurs between people in committed relationships.

Fast forward 20+ years, Bruce’s fascination has evolved into Relationship Repair Expert, giving couples the tools to stop fighting and start connecting with one another.  His TEDx talk garnered over 3 million views!  His empathetic coaching style encourages couples to discuss their fears and transform their relationships. Committed partners can turn to Bruce for the knowledge, tools, and support to make sure their love goes the distance.

In his dialogue with me, Bruce shared:

  • Why repairing the areas of conflict in your relationship tend to build stronger connections
  • What you are fighting about is not because of a failure to communicate
  • Why the initial Infatuation Stage of a relationship is the most immature, infantile form of love
  • What is necessary to grow up our expectations of relationships

…and much more

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Bruce Muzik – Relationship Repair Expert