Dr. Brian Hooper – Integrative Pastor Counselor

“We’re Dating—Is He Gay?” 

Dr. Brian Hooper is an integrative Pastor Counselor and Certified Clinical Hynotherapist. He range of counseling and services includes clergy in crisis, LGBT communities, elder parent care, relationship coaching and medication alternatives, just to name a few.  He offers an affirming psycho-spiritually integrative approach to life’s challenges.

How could he be gay?  He wants to marry me!  Many times, men want a wife and children. They marry their best friend and can perform in a husband capacity but only to a point.  

In his insightful interview, Dr. Brian Hooper leaves no doubt about how BIG that point is.  With much compassion but no denial, he tells women:

  • Why what you don’t know will hurt you.
  • Why, though he might want to marry you, you’ll never be enough for him
  • Gay men and church, exposing the Elephant in the room
  • You deserve to be passionately loved.  Don’t settle for less!

…and much more


Dr. Brian Hooper – Integrative Pastor Counselor

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