Blair Nash – “The Relationship Builder”

The Hidden Conversation in Relationships

Blair Nash is a Relationship Strategist, Speaker, Life & Dating Coach, and Author of three critically acclaimed books: Illuminating the Battlefield (2015) and Love is a Beautiful Thing…Til It Ain’t (2016), and the most recent The Hidden Conversation: Black Money, Sex & Relationships (2018).

He tours the country speaking with thousands of single and married individuals, many of whom are going through their own pain and struggles. His direct candor along with life experience sets him apart from other relationship and dating advice experts.

Today, he uses his common-sense approach to teach people how to sever toxic relationships, find their soulmate without wasting time on the wrong person, as well as why your strategy and approach keeps attracting disrespectful suitors in your dating life.

In his dialogue with me, Blair shared:

  • What bank robbers know that tellers don’t
  • The hidden conversations around relationships that men and women don’t have but need to
  • Why an independent way of doing things is not a solution to relationship struggles
  • How men need to “step up” with today’s accomplished woman 

…and much more


Blair Nash – The Relationship Builder