If your experience of love is not what you want it to be, then maybe it's
time to do love differently.

Join me in Clayton, NC on FEBRUARY 22, 2020 at 3:00PM  for "DOING LOVE DIFFERENTLY", a seminar/workshop
that helps you STOP BETRAYING YOURSELF in relationships, learn to TRUST AGAIN and attract GREAT LOVE into
your life.  Learn more/register at DOINGLOVEDIFFERENTLY/EVENTBRITE.COM

Bigger Stage, Bigger Commitment!

In love and in life all roads lead to one person:  You!  Unless you connect with your enoughness, the bigger stage will swallow you up.  You'll get the man but you'll still feel restless.  You'll have the dream, but it won't bring you fulfillment.  You'll go through life looking the part but suffering in the background, feeling guilty that you got exactly what you asked for but still aren't happy.  That's why I am committed to preparing you for your bigger stage.  

You're already on your grind, chasing your dreams right?...

But here's the thing. Just because you are chasing your dream doesn't mean it's the stage you're being called to. Or even if you're clear about the stage, it doesn't mean that you're ready for all that comes with it. This is why I created my I AM ENOUGH Coaching Program. It was birthed out of Life calling me to a bigger stage and requiring a deeper understanding of what makes me enough.  If you've been apprehended by a dream that makes you wonder if you're enough, this program is for you!

This takes Your Enough Factor to a whole nuther level...

If your super power to have great love is your Enough Factor, then Doing Love Differently is Enough Factor 6.0!   It not only amplifies your voice, your value and your vision but it brings a higher level of integrity to how you do love.  It helps you to redefine what makes you enough in love so you can lose the defensiveness and become more intentional about who you allow into your love space.  So if you're ready to stop the cycle of self-betrayal, to learn to trust yourself again, and to attract love into your life, this program is for you.

My podcast is for individuals who want to redefine what makes them enough in life and in love.