• The Sound of My Life

    The Sound of My Life is my first published book. Launched in 2013, it quickly became the go-to for anyone who wanted a more fulfilling life. It is available on Amazon (and other book retail outlets) in both print and ebook.

  • The Sound of My Soul

    The Sound of My Soul was published in 2014.  It's a look back at Suzette's journey to reclaim her soul, a preliminary to getting her life back.  In her signature witty thought-provoking style, the book is a call to venture outside the box where the magic happens.  Without its cooperation, one might arrive at the destination but there'll be nothing worthwhile once they get there.  A must read for those seeking quality of life.

  • The Business of Living

    The Business of Living is a free 5-part series designed to jump start your life, your relationship and your business.  After all, these are the areas of most struggle if they aren't playing well together.  Conversely, they are the areas of the most joy when there is cooperation.

  • Breathe: Your Life Depends On It

    So many of us are going through the motions of life, but we don’t feel alive.  If you asked us how we’re really, really doing, we’d sigh.  The jobs we’re working, the relationships we’re nurturing, the life we’re living just isn’t fulfilling.  It's time to breathe!