• What Is Your Enough Factor?

    What Is Your Enough Factor is a 2-hour mini workshop that focuses on taking off the L.I.D.S. of self-limitation. The perfect precursor to the 4-week more immersive Enough Virtual Workshop, participants shed the erroneous beliefs about themselves and why their relationships aren't working by discovering what makes them enough in their relationships.  There are both local and online opportunities to participate.

  • Enough Virtual Workshop

    Enough Virtual Workshop is a 4-week workshop that focuses on reclaiming your confidence.  Participants have been across the spectrum of relationship experiences.  Some are recovering from the untimely death of the love of their lives. Others, though quite successful in other areas of their lives, seem to keep hitting a brick wall when it comes to their relationships with the opposite sex.   It is a safe place to get the closure needed and hit the reset button emotionally so they can attract healthy relationships and participate confidently.

  • Statistics Be Darned

    Statistics Be Darned is a community of college educated women over 30, women over 40 and women of color, all who the statistics have not been favorable towards when it comes to finding love or getting married. We believe that statistics do not determine either. In this group, I share insights from my own love journey and help women reclaim their power in relationships with the opposite sex.


  • For Queens Only

    Do you have a relationship plan?  A plan that holds you accountable to show up as yourself -- your confident self -- in your relationships with men?  For Queens Only Webshop culminates Preparing Queens for a Royal Relationship, allowing women to see their values, beliefs and desires when it comes to relationships with men.  Participants design an actual plan to serve as their Relationship Bible.

  • Preparing Queens for a Royal Relationship

    For 5 days, good men took us inside the minds of men differentiating between kings, princes and fools, telling you what good men want you to know and bad men will never tell. Now what?  Women who want something meaningful with a man don't leave it to chance.  The act on it.

  • The Sound of My Life

    The Sound of My Life is my first published book. Launched in 2013, it quickly became the go-to for anyone who wanted a more fulfilling life. It is available on Amazon (and other book retail outlets) in both print and ebook.

  • The Sound of My Soul

    The Sound of My Soul was published in 2014.  It's a look back at Suzette's journey to reclaim her soul, a preliminary to getting her life back.  In her signature witty thought-provoking style, the book is a call to venture outside the box where the magic happens.  Without its cooperation, one might arrive at the destination but there'll be nothing worthwhile once they get there.  A must read for those seeking quality of life.

  • Protecting Your Emotional G-Spot

    Protecting Your Emotional G-Spot has been heralded a book of solutions by book enthusiasts and reviewers alike. While many only see it as the ultimate pleasure spot, wise women understand that location has little to do with it.  Summoning many of the conversations women have with their girlfriends and men have with they male friends, this book artfully offers insights and solutions to some of the most daunting relationship situations.  It's a must-read.

  • Odyssey Administrative Services, L.L.C.

    Odyssey Administrative Services, LLC provides administrative and bookkeeping solutions.  Our mission is to take your paperwork off your table so you can focus on growing your business.  Since it's inception, Odyssey has been the go-to for the RTP area and with customers whom we serve remotely with a focus on anticipating customer needs and delivering efficient results.  Proof of our success is in the longstanding relationships we have with our customers.

  • Odyssey Music Consultants

    Odyssey Music Consultants provides music solutions to churches, weddings, funerals and other events where music is needed.  Not only does OMC provide the best of the best in keyboardists and vocalists, we expertly coach gifted performers and teach beginner piano.