So What Exactly Is My Enough Factor?

Your Enough Factor is your relationship X Factor.  It's that something about you that Life and Love recognize, but most times, you don't!  As a result, you spend your time trying to perform well enough to be loved, to be accepted, to belong.  Now, you might say that you are way beyond that.  You are woman hear you roar.  You got this and you're living your best life.  Good!  However, if you are making it happen in every other area of your life except your relationships, then one (or more) of three things is the culprit:

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◊You have lost your VOICE
◊You aren't certain of your VALUE
◊You aren't clear about your VISION


You see, your voice, your value and your vision are critical to how you experience life and love.  They are so critical, in fact, that my MusicMath Approach to Dating and Relating is based on them.  I call them your "3 Critical Factors of Enoughness".

Your voice is your music.  It's the melody inside of you wanting to be heard by someone who can appreciate it.  Your value is the math.  It's the price you put on you and how you teach others to treat you.  It's what you believe you deserve.  Your vision is what compels you to want what you want and to do what you do.

My podcast is for individuals who want to redefine what makes them enough in life and in love.


Love isn't chance.  Love isn't luck.  There is a formula--a formula as old as time--for having great love.  The problem happens when we don't know we are enough.  As a result, we misuse the formula!! My MusicMath Approach is both the formula and how to apply it.  With a simple adjustment, you can change the trajectory of your life and your relationships!

Ready for a change?

A Intimidate (2)
Do you intimidate your lovers?
A Costly Success
Is your mate playing second fiddle to your career?
A Tug of War
Do you make it hard for a man to love you?
A Costly Breakup
Do you treat every man like the man who left you?