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You Asked? Good Men Answered!

High performing professional women don't mince words when it comes to dating and relating.  Especially women past a certain age.  They know what they want and what they don't want.  There's only one problem. Oftentimes, they don't know how to recognize it.
You Asked? Good Men Answered! is a annual virtual summit (aka telesummit) where a diverse group of men tell you exactly how to recognize the keeper from the sleeper.  They speak candidly about men, dating and relationships.
Our first summit convened the second week of August 2015.   The first speakers focused on questions submitted from women about men and relationships.  Since that time,  the summit has expanded its reach and its impact, moving from how to's and should I's to what lies underneath the surface.  The second year, we differentiated "Kings, Princes and Fools: What Good Men Want You To Know and Bad Men Will Never Tell You."  The third year, we went "Behind The Mask: The Role Vs. The Real."
For 5 days, relationship experts and everyday good men broke the "bro code" and open up the Players Rule Book, giving women the inside scoop on what men know very well but few women ever figure out.
What makes this summit different is having regular good men as well as experts.  Good men that women pass by every day.  These men participate in honest dialogue about the issues unique to women over 30, women over 40 and women of color, all whom the statistics don't reflect very favorably when it comes to finding love or getting married.  These, the Statistics Be Darned 21st century demographic, many single or single again, can find the fast pace and high tech approach to dating a bit daunting.  Relationship experts provide dating and relationship advice.  Regular good men offer real talk about who they are and what they truly need.
The summit continues to attract men, women, single, married, and those who are somewhere in between with its honest dialogue and thoughtful answers straight from the mouths of good men.

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Since it's launch in 2015, You Asked? Good Men Answered! has grown into an annual event, attracting internationally recognized speakers and a diverse world audience.

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Suzette Vearnon is A Relationship Solutionist with a MusicMath Approach to Dating and Relating.  She started the summit after 6 women participated in the pilot of her inaugural Enough Virtual Workshop.  As the ladies worked on becoming their best relationship selves, Suzette contemplated a resource she could provide that would be the natural next right step for them.  She reasoned that two things were essential for thriving relationships:  (1) Doing the work to heal ourselves and (2) Learning how to recognize healthy in men.

At first, Suzette thought she would simply have a good man that she knew to address the women on a conference call, but before long she was researching men of diverse backgrounds, cultures and relationship experiences.  Struck by her tenacity and intrigued by the concept, man after man expressed a sincere interest in contributing her empowerment effort.  Hence, You Asked? Good Men Answered! was born.