Countdown to Our Fifth Annual Virtual Summit!


You don't need everybody.  Just the right somebody!

You Asked? Good Men Answered! is an annual virtual summit (aka telesummit) where a diverse group of men break down love, dating and relationships and tell you exactly how to recognize good men.

If you're tired of:

  • Feeling intimidated by love
  • Sabotaging your relationships before they can even get off the ground
  • Having your mind scrambled by men who give you mixed signals
  • Feeling like you have to sacrifice your dreams to have a relationship
  • Acting like you're okay with being single when you actually hate it
  • Having men come to you for advice about other women
  • Sex without intimacy
  • Being hung up on men who aren't available
If any of that applies to you, you've come to the right place.
Since our first summit convened the second week of August 2015, the speakers have not only focused on questions submitted from women about men and relationships but have shed light on:
  • "Kings, Princes and Fools: What Good Men Want You To Know and Bad Men Will Never Tell You."
  • "Behind The Mask: The Role Vs. The Real."
  • "The Maturing Relationship: From Needing to Nurturing."
For years, men and women have read relationship books, attended seminars and sought the not-so-wise counsel of family and friends in hopes of decoding what they don't know or what keeps tripping them up about the opposite sex.  Learning the latest tip or trick has proven not to be the answer.  Neither has becoming savvy with dating apps.  The only thing that changes your belief system from the inside out is hearing Truth over and over again.
It takes time.  It takes repetition.  It takes consistency.
That's why this year's summit will revisit topics from past years, using a layering approach, so that it brings context, richness and depth to this year's theme:

The Power of A Good Woman

Having regular good men as well as experts, married as well as single, men of different ethnicities and faiths will bring a well-roundedness to the conversation and offer creative solutions to the woes of this highly gadgeted pseudo-intimate dating world.


  • If you are a high achieving, purpose-driven woman register today
  • If you are struggling in a relationship right now register today
  • If you are newly married later in life and are trying to balance your big life and marriage register today
  • If your marriage has become complacent and other-directed, register today
These men have volunteered to take you behind the black curtain into the male psyche, help you decode male behavior and become knowledgeable about the mindset behind his action.
So, don't wait.  Register now by clicking on the "Save My Seat" button to your right.  This way, you won't miss a moment of the summit.

Your Organizer and Host

Suzette Vearnon is A Relationship Solutionist with a MusicMath Approach to Dating and Relating.  She started the summit after 6 women participated in the pilot of her inaugural Enough Virtual Workshop.  As the ladies worked on becoming their best relationship selves, Suzette contemplated a resource she could provide that would be the natural next right step for them.  She reasoned that two things were essential for thriving relationships:  (1) Doing the work to heal ourselves and (2) Learning how to recognize healthy in men.

At first, Suzette thought she would simply have a good man that she knew to address the women on a conference call, but before long she was researching men of diverse backgrounds, cultures and relationship experiences.  Struck by her tenacity and intrigued by the concept, man after man expressed a sincere interest in contributing her empowerment effort.  Hence, You Asked? Good Men Answered! was born.

Back Down Memory Lane

Since it's launch in 2015, You Asked? Good Men Answered! has grown into an annual event, attracting internationally recognized speakers and a diverse world audience.