February 13

For The Love Of Valentine’s Day


To some, Valentine's Day is nothing but a scheme to line the pockets of retailers.  Not to Statistics Be Darned.  This is their second year sponsoring Celebrate A Single Sweetheart.  Single women--those for whom the statistics don't look favorable when it comes to finding love or getting married--are entered into a drawing to receive a special delivery of roses on Valentine's Day.  Four winners are selected.

I spoke with one today who truly touched my heart. Her name is Kathleen Bobak.  She is a two time breast cancer survivor. While I was verifying her address for the floral delivery, she read this to me:

The Roses remind me of my father so I thought I'd tell you a story.

My mom had a stroke when she was pregnant with me and was paralyzed on her right side. They weren't really sure if I'd live or how my mom would do my dad was very concerned. And being a religious man he went to church and he made a commitment that if we both lived he would go to mass every day. And he did go to mass every day from the day I was born.

And as I grew up I would go to mass with my dad and we would go to Oswald's and get the newspaper and he go to the donut shop and get fresh donuts. Then we'd go home and dad would make the coffee and set the breakfast table. And I would get ready for school. When his roses were in bloom he would cut roses for the table so there always fresh roses in our home. And sometimes I would come down and he would have made a corsage for me to wear to school that would be on my plate.

That incredible loving gesture and memory is what I think Valentine's Day is all about. It's not so much that you give things but when you really show someone you love them they hold a cherished memory for a lifetime

For us, Valentine's Day was a melody worth singing.  It was a price worth paying.  It's understanding that we all want the same thing. Doesn't matter if she's the CEO of the company or cleans the CEO's office, we all have a voice, value and vision that needs to be celebrated.  It is the music and the math.  

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