August 17

Don’t Bring Fear To A Faith Fight


If Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real, then what is faith?  Is faith hope?  And what does that hope hinge on?  What is the substance that fuels real hope, not the play-play kind?  In "Don't Bring Fear To A Faith Fight," I explore what happens after we a make significant step towards what we hope for.  More importantly, I expose the lie that says if you make the right step, everything is suppose to be smooth sailing all the way.

So many would-be relationships have been aborted simply because they went through some

turbulence.  Not the abusive kind, but the  kind that beckons both parties to real relating.  Not this fake, dopamine induced, euphoric pseudo relating.  Bruce Muzik, one of the speakers at You Asked? Good Men Answered!, said that it is the most infantile stage in the relationship.  It simply isn't real.  True relating starts at first fight.  It starts in the turbulence.


attraction, bonding, dopamine, faith, fear, fighting, healthy relationship with men

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