Welcome to the Enough Virtual Workshop

I've designed this 4-week program for you, the mature, self-actualized woman, who has said ENOUGH of letting other folks define her.  

The entire month will feature virtual sessions that will help you dig deep where your enoughness lies and get the clarity you need to move forward more confidently and intentionally in life and in love.

Keep an eye out for login information and further details!

In the meantime, sink your teeth into the preliminary resources below!

Cheers to your enoughness,

Just as you'd prepare for the week ahead on a Sunday evening, below are resources to help you get the most out of our four weeks together.  Clicking on the link will take you directly to that section on this page:



"You Are Not Your Thoughts"

Everything starts with mindset.  And honestly, when I heard that, I thought to myself, The Power of Positive Thinking.  Okay, let me try to control my thoughts.  But it didn't work.  Telling myself I was enough didn't last especially under the heat of what other people might think or the critique from the man in my life.  If I couldn't convince people then how could I be enough, right?  So, I've grabbed a couple of videos from my larger, I AM ENOUGH COACHING PROGRAM, to help you begin to dismantle limiting beliefs in a constructive and sensible way.

You'll be coming back to mindset often, so you'll want to bookmark this page.

Video 1: You Are Not Your Thoughts

Video 2: Limiting Beliefs

Video 3: It's The Meaning

Video 4: Retrain Your Brain


Listen, after over a decade in this relationship space, one thing's for sure.  WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW REALLY DOES HURT YOU.  To help you to get more clear about how you show up in relationships and, based on that, how ready you are for a GREAT relationship, I've created a 25-question Relationship Behavior Questionnaire.

To take the online test, click here

To discuss your answers, grab a spot at calendly.com/suzettevearnon/freeIn the comments, type in "Relationship Behavior Questionnaire."   Make sure to have your completed test handy.

Be assured, this test is not a judgment.   It's more of a diagnostic of your behavior in your relationships.  The evaluation session is to explore more deeply what went into your answers and offer you a framework from which to get the most value out of the four weeks of the workshop.


The Law of Attraction is Always Working

I’ve written or come across some very interesting articles about the Law of Attraction.  Many people had relegated the notion as fodder because they’ve named it and claimed it but nothing has happened.  What I’ve discovered is the Law of Attraction is always working.

You Can’t Make An Imperfect Decision (Suzette R. Hinton)


Manifesting Love Meditations

Arielle Ford doesn’t know it yet, but I’m her good girlfriend that she hasn’t met yet.  Just the same, she has some wonderful Free Stuff on her website that is tailored to manifesting love.  Her Feelingizations are great during your times of meditation and before you go to sleep at night.  Some, you might not feel warm and fuzzy towards.  If so, just go with the ones that feel good to your soul.


Sage Advice from Allison Armstrong

I was listening to Women On The Edge of Evolution virtual conference and fell in love with Allison Armstrong.  She said something that stopped me dead in my tracks.  She confessed to emasculating men and how Life called her on the carpet for it.  She also shared some sage advice given to her by a man in how to recognize her partner.  I won’t tell you what he said.  Instead, I’ll let you hear it for yourself.  It’s good!


Week One

 Intention - Attention - No Tension

The Law of Attraction is always working

You matter


Week Two

Anger Distortions

When it's Intuition and when it's not

Protecting your emotional g-spot


Week Three

 Online dating the right way

Attractive out loud

Decoding a man's language


Week Four

Powerful femininity

Dating authentically

The Universe wants to love you