Are you tired of wasting your time with no-win, dead-end relationships?

Are you tired of leaving relationships worst than you were before you went in?

Are you tired of doubting yourself?

This workshop is for you.  I've designed this exclusive workshop just for you, the high performing professional woman who struggles in her relationships with men.  It helps you get clear by amplifying your voice, your value and your vision, allowing you to experience life and love in a brand new way.

Week One

Week One sets the stage, diving more deeply into the erroneous beliefs about you that present themselves in your dating and relating personality and replacing those beliefs with guiding principles that will be supported in the next 3 weeks.  The topic areas are:
Intention - Attention - No Tension
The Law of Attraction is always working
You matter

Week Two

Week Two reveals the disconnect between your voice, your value and your vision.  How erroneous beliefs derail your clarity, confidence and mastery, giving rise to repeated unsuccessful relationships.  The topic areas are:
Anger Distortion
When it's Intuition and when it's not
Protecting your emotional g-spot

Week Three

Week Three sheds some light on how you come across in relationships and gives you tools to become more effective in communicating authentically in your relationships. The topic areas are:
Online dating the right way
Attractive out loud
Decoding a man's language

Week Four

Week Four brings everything full circle.  You finally connect the dots, understanding where missteps happened and understanding your power to create a different experience.  You'll also understand that the Universe has been working for you all the time, you just didn't know it.
Powerful femininity
Dating authentically
The Universe wants to love you

Frequently Asked Questions

Why four weeks?
Studies have shown that it takes 21 days to break a habit. By adding just 7 more days, the heart connects more fully with the head and gives better results
What if I don't want the group experience?
NO PROBLEM!  We offer both group and individual options. Participants who prefer to work at their own pace and would prefer 1-on-1 sessions over group interaction will find this workshop just as beneficial. The price is a tad higher but just as worth it.

What is my investment?
TIME:  Participants will have to show up and be present in their own lives.
COMMITMENT: Participants will have to commit to putting themselves first (not the men they've been giving a free ride to)
WILLINGNESS: Participants will have to be willing to let go of past offenses and take responsibility for their hearts.
MONEY: Participants will have to be willing to invest in themselves. This program is not covered by health insurance.

Here's what a past workshop participant had to say:


"My experience of the Enough Virtual Workshop was so amazing that I had to experience it not once, but TWICE. And if I ever felt like going for the third base, I would do it again.

What I loved most about the Workshop is how our beautiful facilitator/coach (Suzette Vearnon) made us feel throughout every session. It is a judge-free, shaming-free and guilt-free Workshop. Our coach made us feel at home and very comfortable about sharing our past experiences with dating and relationships.
The Enough Virtual Workshop is not about male bashing. It shifts your perspective from blaming men for past failed relationships, and it empowers you to take responsibility for the way you allow men to treat you. Owning our power is celebrated as well as celebrating good men.
Last but not least, you will walk away from the Enough Virtual Workshop remembering that You are enough and worthy to receive and give love. It opens you up to the possibility that there is someone perfectly tailor made to love you for You!
My life has changed so much since taking this workshop and so has my relationship with men. Dating is now fun and I am attracting men who are relationship-ready!



(Retail: $499)
Can also be paid in:
3 easy installment of $166.33



(Retail: $999)
Can also be paid in:
3 easy installment of $333