is a deep-diving program designed to help high achieving women
get clear about what makes them enough so they can end suffering and experience fulfilling relationships

Are you ready to go from confusion and self-sabotage to tapping into what makes you enough to have great love?

I am 100% convinced that:

You can retrain your thoughts and create a more authentic context from which to see yourself and your relationships.

You don't need a man to give you closure.  You can give it to yourself.

You are all you need to experience great love and live a fulfilling life

Welcome to ENOUGH FACTOR 6.0!
"Doing Love Differently"

With the bombardment from statistics that constantly remind you that most marriages end in divorce, that your likelihood of finding a great partner decreases with age or that only a small number of people really find true happiness in life, having a program like ours is critical!

For while there is some value in data, research and studies, statistics do not determine whether you find love or get married. 

And while there is definite value in the books written to help us with our relationships - I've written three, in fact - a book alone cannot take your hand and guide you through the twists and turns of the years and years of limiting beliefs, ideologies, disconnects and stories that have rinsed and repeated your experiences of love and life.

This coaching program foregoes giving you a bunch of strategies and solutions that you can read in a book or soundbites that grab your attention and might even spark an aha or two, but do little to get down to the true source of your frustration and suffering.

It's not that the books aren't informative and the advice isn't reliable.  It's that it's left up to us to interpret it.  And here's the truth.  A mind unchanged cannot correctly interpret what it reads or what it hears.

That's why ours is an intensive mind-transforming, life-altering program that includes 12 weeks of inner-powering content and 12 months of support and accountability.  Think about it.  It takes 21 days to break a habit, right?  That's 3 weeks.  When you weigh it against the years of limiting beliefs and the experiences that have compounded them, that's nothing!  In fact, studies show that lasting change happens with focused repetitive action over time.  Likewise, it stands to reason that the longer you're in our program, the greater your likelihood of success.

In our program, you'll learn:

  • To recognize L.I.D.S. (Limitations, Ideologies, Disconnects, Stories) as what they really are:  merely distortions that can be corrected.
  • To give yourself closure so you can take your life back
  • To stop chasing a man's behavior down the rabbit hole of confusion and exhaustion
  • To recognize your triggers and choose self-honor over self-sabotage
  • To break old relationship habits and take the lead in creating a new experience of life and love
  • To not lose yourself in your relationships
  • To be someone you can trust to have your back even when it's hard

so you can do love differently!

If you are. . .

. . .Tired of allowing restlessness, loneliness and boredom to drive you into compromise, you have come to the right place.

. . .Tired of dumbing yourself down in your relationships because of not wanting to intimidate anyone.

. . .Tired of feeling like an imposter:  a public success but a private failure

. . .Ready to give yourself permission to be loving and loveable, you have come to the right place.

With the ever-increasing clarity that you'll gain with each module, you'll start feeling more connected to who you really are and your authentic power.  With a firm grasp on you, you'll become more intentional about who you allow in your love space.

Here are a few "enough" awakenings from my What Is Your Enough Factor? City-to-City Tour...

"I felt like I needed more information as far as dating and relating and all that stuff"

"I left the workshop feeling empowered.  I left feeling more informed.  More aware about myself and some things I need to stop doing or start doing."

"She reminded me that I can shine as bright as I want to.  I can pursue all of my hopes and dreams and not worry about somebody being intimidated because the right person will be totally cool with my crazy life"

"The second reminder was if what you're doing with your life is not giving you the results that you want, maybe it's time to change."

"I have a new language for my  Enough Factor.  I have a language for the journey I've been on."

"It's already been decided what we are and we have to choose to embrace all that we are... and not settle for anything less."

"One of my super powers is authenticity.  The one word that she gave that attracts Mr. Right and repels with Mr. Wrong really resonated with me."
"There is a person in my life who has been in my life for many years.  He's convenient.  I know that he is not Mr. Right and I know fully that he is Mr. Wrong.  But he's convenient."
"But what hit me today was I need to move to the next level.  And what if this person who is holding a convenient spot in my mind, in my emotions, in my life is keeping me from my great love."
"I'm quite happy, but what if I could be happier."
"If not now, when am I going to fix this part of my life?"

Let's see if we're a good fit

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