Suzette Vearnon

Hi my name is Suzette.   Growing up, family and friends knew me to be somewhat of a smarty pants.  But thanks to Life and Love smoothing out those rough edges, my clients and colleagues know me as a MusicMath™ Solutionist, meaning I offer acute mental discernment and keen practical sense using music and math principles that relate to every day life.  It is my purpose and gift to the world to pull out a hidden ability inside of people to change their lives.  (Sidebar:  My family still thinks I’m smart!)

But, you know what I’ve noticed? I’ve noticed women will call me who have experienced at least one failed marriage in the past and are continuing to repeat the cycle of unsuccessful relationships.  On the flip side, some of those women will actually call when they just want to get love right this time around. And still others have an on again-off again romance with entrepreneurship but can’t seem to get it to work.  In either case, my signature MusicMath™ solution amplifies their voice, their value and their vision thereby allowing them to experience a seamless rebound, making them feel more confident than ever before, possibly experiencing love in a brand-new way.

As a 57 year old, twice divorced single mother newly married woman businesspreneur myself , how I could have used that; and now, I have the pleasure of providing that support for some pretty incredible women.  Some are divorced, some have gotten married after years of being single and most are women entrepreneurs.  Fellas, I’m here for you too.  It’s just that women tend to seek out and reach out for help a little quicker.

Who do you know who meets that description?

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