You Tend to Invest Too Much Too Soon

Do you want to know if a guy is a keeper before investing too much emotionally? MusicMath can help!

You're Not Sure

You met him.  He seemed very nice.  In fact, he was everything that you hoped for.  Still, there was something that caused you concern. He kept looking down at his cell phone.  He kept getting up to go to the bathroom.  He had questionable mannerisms.   But there is something about him that piques your attention.
It's chemical
At our 2016 You Asked? Good Men Answered! Second Annual Virtual Summit, our featured guest and author of Men Are From Mars Women Are from Venus John Gray talked about what happens in the brain when boy meets girl.  There is a chemical release in the brain called dopamine.  It's literally like being high on drugs and just as addictive.  It's not that you've slept with him.  After all, it's only been a couple of dates or a couple of texts or a couple of phone calls.  It's something that you had not counted on.
Our solution
Our MusicMath™ program helps you disengage.  We help clients discover their hidden ability to transform their lives, their relationships and their business using music and math principles from everyday life.  Here's how:
  • We help you differentiate your intuition from an unresolved emotional trigger
  • We help you hear your heartsong (discover your deeper qualities for the long-term relationship you desire)
  • We help you to stay on pitch (learn to maintain your sensibilities)
  • We help you reconcile what a man says to what a man does (decode a man's language)
  • We help you to avoid emotional bankruptcy (protect your emotional g-spot)
and more healthy relating practices.
It all starts with your mind.  Enroll in our MusicMath™ Mindset coaching program.  Our unique coaching method amplifies your voice, your value and your vision.  We help you unplug from the old mindset that tells you that it's too late and plug into the mindset that says you are actively engaged in manifesting the life you desire.

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This Is What Clients Say

Suzette, you are simply amazing. I feel comfortable with being vulnerable with you and I truly believe this workshop is helping me. I’m already starting to see and feel things happening.

Andrenee B.

Suzette, my dear woman, you have put into words what my heart and my mind have struggled with for years. Thank you for your transparency !! You have liberated so many by the Truth of Your Experiences. Now I can only reflect on how to seek my own through a channel that lies deeply within each one of us.-

Thank you for your transparency Alice W

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