Skeptical about dating after divorce?

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Dating After Divorce

Divorce was not something you planned.  You got married thinking that you had found your soul mate and believe that no matter the challenge, your love would endure.  But then it happened.  One of you uttered these fateful words, "I want a divorced."  Then like someone ripping a sheet in two, the two that became one were back to being two again.  Although family and friends are urging you to get back out there, you are scared to death!

Well, we have good news.  Doesn't matter how old or young you are or how long you were married, with some minor tweaks, you can own the dance floor once again.


The technology has changed.  People haven't. 

With the surge in technology, it is easy to feel like you went to sleep and woke up in Oz  Here's the thing.  Underneath all that green, men are still men.  Biology still works the same.  Doesn't matter whether you swipe left or right.  What is different is the ways people connect has expanded exponentially.  


How we can help  

Learning to date again gets you in the room.  But, unless you want to be a serial dater, you need a refresher course in relating.  Here's what we know.  A divorce is only a piece of paper and living in two different places.  Except you do some work on yourself, all that has not been resolved from the marriage will invariably come up in your dating and relating.  The more prepared you are ahead of time, the more likely you'll avoid some major dating pitfalls.

Here are a few ways that our MusicMath program can helps: 

  • We help you get clear about your intentions
  • We help you align your behaviors with those intentions
  • We help you to learn to date authentically
  • We help you decode a man's language
  • We help you learn to protect your emotional g-spot

and much more


What's the next right step?

Enroll in our MusicMath coaching program.  Our unique coaching method amplifies your voice, your value and your vision.  We help you unplug from the old to make room for the new.  



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This Is What A Client Had To Say

When I approached Suzette about coaching me, I felt a lack of motivation. As I am normally an upbeat person, I found this puzzling. I’d have moments of enjoyment with family and my close circle of friends but when I’d get in my car to drive home, I would feel dread. Post-divorce, I didn’t like my life as a single woman. I hated coming home to an empty house and resented the burden of managing the things my husband use to. I was also exhausted from other relationship losses that followed. I felt drained. My coaching sessions with Suzette opened me up to a new level of awareness about myself and life. Through this experience, I have learned that joy and happiness in life is accomplished by “emotional awareness”. Suzette did an awesome job of working with me so I could relearn how to give myself a voice again and experience the feelings necessary, whether good or bad feelings, to cleanse my heart and revive my soul. Armed with a plan and a toolkit of coping strategies, I am owning my truth, rediscovering my love of playing the piano, exploring volunteer opportunities and getting back into the dating scene. As for the house, I do what I can and delegate the rest. In just 6 sessions, I feel inspired and excited about my future. I strongly recommend Suzette to anyone who needs help figuring out what’s not working in their lives and how to create something that does.

I Found My Voice Again Gloria M.

Everything Starts In The Mind

It is our mind, in its attempt to make sense of what has happened in past relationships, that creates stories that keep us doubtful and afraid to be who we really are. This 4-part series invites you to examine how you see men, your sexual behaviors, what you know and what it really means to be a good woman