Think Like A Business Owner

I don’t know of anyone who after working traditional employment automatically thinks like a business owner.  And while setting your intention is essential, there is still an unlearning curve.  That punching a clock, 9 to 5 workday or expectation of having a consistent paycheck is gone.  For many, this makes them feel like a fish […]

How To Safeguard Your Time From Time Wasters

Children want what they want because they want it.  At first they are like pint sized robbers. They will bite, scratch and clobber each other over the head to get what they want.  But even children can be taught a different way.  All they have to do is observe another child or adult getting what […]

Investment Turned Expense

In the previous blog, The Most Underrated Investment, we looked at how Prada shoes can be an expense turned investment if one can turn a profit. By the same token, an investment can easily become an expense if nothing is done with it. I see this most in my work with my clients. When they come to […]

The Most Underrated Investment

In my previous post, Let’s Talk Money, I introduced a game changer of a book, THE FINANCIAL MATRIX, and how its section on expenses and investments was quite the eye-opener for me. We all know that expenses are purchases that don’t appreciate. I get it, my love of cute shoes is an expense…sigh. But think […]

Let’s Talk Money

On January 19, 2017, Ryan Ray, CEO of Triangle Entrepreneurial Leadership and I talked with a diverse group of men and women interested in becoming smarter with their money. Like me, they were interested in doing the math (positioning themselves financially) so that whatever happened on Capitol Hill would be of little to no consequence. […]

Should You Start A Company In Uncertain Times?

Being a MusicMath™ Solutionist, I am always trying to find “the art imitates life” in all things.  For me this passes the litmus test. It’s not how fast you go, it’s how slow you grow. Driving these days is like being in the Indy 500.  Impatient drivers push the gas pedal to the floor, swerving […]

The Most Important Thing In Establishing A Client Base

When we last left our conversation, a man in business since 1975 was sharing some sound advice about starting a business during a recession.  Now to the how-to survive part, sprinkled with some MusicMath™ Magic of course. The most important takeaway in establishing a client base is: Always keep your word Always keep your schedule […]

Should You Lower Your Prices During Tough Times In Your Business?

More proof of the good advice shared in “Should You Start A Company In Uncertain Times” and “The Most Important Thing In Establishing A Client Base” is evidenced in the subject of pricing.  Should you lower your prices when your business goes through tough times?  One of my greatest mentors was my bookkeeping client. 6 things […]

How To Write An Ebook in 5 Days

As a self published author of 3 books, I often get asked how I got started writing.  After I tell them, they usually lament that they haven’t finished their book yet.  The reason?  They are overwhelmed by the process of publishing.  The best advice I received from Alicia T. Clinton, 1st Place Toastmaster Winner and […]