Create The Story That Helps

Stories are what we tell ourselves to make sense of something we’ve experienced.  Either we saw something, heard something, tasted something or felt something.  If it was pleasurable, our stories bring us a great deal of joy.  If our experience was painful, our stories tend to be full of sorrow.   That’s how powerful story […]

The Biggest Truth About Yourself That Reveals How Powerful You Are

Spiritual amnesia.  My definition for it is simple.  It’s not knowing who you are.  Now, sit with that for a moment. Who are you?  And before you are quick to say I’m this person’s mom, wife, teacher, coach and any of the roles you play, drop down a little deeper.  Can you hear your own […]

If Life Is A Teacher, What Am I Suppose To Learn from 9/11?

Here I am, 16 years to the day that I was upstairs in my office, talking with my dear college roommate. While evil was awry and a diabolical plan was underway, I was talking about a girlfriend’s weekend with her and trying to align our flights so that we’d arrive at the same time.   […]

Life Is A Choice

Sometimes it feels like Life is out to get you. Before the ink is dry on one thing, something completely unforeseen hits you from behind, leaving you bloodied and barely able to see. I wish I could mellow out the ocean of life and make the ride less rocky; but waves are simply a part […]

Your Dream Needs A Hero

What are you willing to do to make your dreams come true?  Will you be the hero of your dream? Have you heard of Lisa Nichols?  (If not, I’ve conveniently linked her name to her website.  Click on it.)   Nothing happened just because she had a dream.  In fact, nobody cared. Nobody cared that Lisa couldn’t […]

Your Power To Attract Greatness

I woke up this morning and I heard poetry.  Yes, poetry!! Now to those who know me, they know that I’m creative, yes; but I’m not that kind of creative.  If you put a blank wall in front of me and say create, I’ll look at you cross-eyed.  I don’t have that gift.  That’s why […]

Mirror Mirror On The Wall: 7 Ways To Remain Forever Young

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall.  Who’s the fairest of them all?”  I didn’t know that aging was the real issue behind the Queen’s jealousy.  I was too young to truly understand it. But if the mirror showed someone else’s reflection, she didn’t take it very well.  In fact, she made it her goal to eradicate them! […]

The Business of Living

Your personality is your unique way of being in the world.  What I didn’t know was the Higher Purpose for it.   I just thought my personality was my personality.  It wasn’t until I was faced with what I perceived as a threat that these words from Deepak Chopra and Oprah gave counsel.  “Your personality […]

Are You Living Your Best Life?  10 Questions That Matter!

Are you a pain junkie?  Do you get off on one-upping someone on how bad things are?  My son, daughter-in-love and I had a riveting discussion of our experiences.  I think he called it being Pain Programmed.  That is a little easier to digest than being a full blown junkie! Still, at 30 years his […]