Thanks for attending!

It makes my day to know that I've made an installment on your clarity.  Most of all to let you know that no matter what you've experienced, you can change it if you really want to.

Some insights were:

  • Just because something has been adopted as truth doesn't make it true.  I pointed out two common myths and gave you what truly leads to relationship success.
  • If your brain could be conditioned to be attracted to toxic relationships, it can be reconditioned to be attracted to healthy ones.
  • While you are not to blame for what you experienced in relationships, you are responsible for neglecting yourself as a result.

Those are just three of the insights this webinar was chocked full of.

And I was just as generous with the tools too.

Two tools were:

  • My doing love differently and do you speak male solutions.  (the links take you to their respective landing page)
  • A free S.O.S. (Swear Off Suffering) coaching session valued at $250.  (don't forget, you've only got 48 hours!)

I know free is not enough reason to have a one-hour conversation with someone you just met...😄.

So I brought along a webinar participant who took advantage of it:

After being divorced for 8 years, I was ready to meet a life partner. As seeing myself as someone who’s never had a successful relationship, the idea of beginning again was frightening and although I had done much self-discovery work in the years since the divorce, I still carried many preconceived notions about men and had no idea how to let go and move forward. I knew I needed some help.

Relationship Solutionist, Suzette Vearnon is truthful, authentic and transparent and connecting with her was complete game changer!  After sitting through her “How to BREAK the Cycle of Failed Relationships” webinar, I was excited about the opportunity for a free SOS Session. During our session, Suzette listened intently and heard my concerns. Our time together came to a close with me feeling empowered with the knowledge that I don't need to do anything I just have to be.

This time with Suzette was invaluable and I look forward to more of her wisdom and guidance on this journey!

Lisa D. Daniels
Chicago, IL

The benefit to you is:

  • An unbiased, nonjudgmental person to give you some objective feedback.
  • Getting some clarity that isn't just random advice, but someone who can help you connect with your Inner Knowing.
  • Help with simplifying your complex feelings so you can see more clearly your next right step.
  • Supporting you in managing difficult emotions that might come up and offering context from which to manage them.

Just think, one phone call can be the difference between a good night sleep vs another tossing and turning session

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