How to B-R-E-A-K the Cycle of Failed Relationships and
Attract Healthy Love into your Life

(even if all other attempts have failed!)

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Suzette Vearnon is the creator of the MusicMath® Approach to Dating and Relationships and specializes in life and relationship solutions for women who struggle in their intimate relationships with men.  Her approach amplifies their voice, their value and their vision, 3 critical factors of enoughness, so they can experience love and life in a brand new way.

Let's transform your relationships together!
In this Webinar, You'll Discover:

How to b-r-e-a-k the cycle of failed relationships and attract healthy love into your life (even if all other attempts have failed).
The 2 common mistakes women make post-breakup and post-divorce that keep them stuck and struggling - and how you can avoid them now!
What you already possess that, if you develop it, is a magnet for real love and true partnership.
The 2 keys that keep you from losing yourself in your relationships and help you not to lose sight of what you truly want and deserve.
You can give yourself closure now instead of needing the man who left or stopped calling to tell you why or what you did wrong.
How to end the trial-and-error approach to relating and master romantic relationships with a proven solution that is helping women get the closure they need, the tools to do love differently and the clarity to recognize loving men.


After being divorced for 8 years, I was ready to meet a life partner. As seeing myself as someone who’s never had a successful relationship, the idea of beginning again was frightening and although I had done much self-discovery work in the years since the divorce, I still carried many preconceived notions about men and had no idea how to let go and move forward.  Connecting with Suzette was complete game changer!  After sitting through her “How to BREAK the Cycle of Failed Relationships” webinar, I was excited about the opportunity for a free SOS Session. Our time together came to a close with me feeling empowered.

L. Daniels
Chicago, IL

I was kind of lost in the self-help world, looking for direction in the wake of my divorce and sexual assault. I’d been hiding the most vulnerable and intimate parts of myself from potential partners. Within the first five minutes of the [S.O.S.] session, I had already experienced an Ah Ha! moment!  Working with Suzette will open your mind to the questions you’ve been asking yourself because she hears what your heart is seeking.  I’m now learning to trust that I can truly be all of myself.

S. LeLievre
Nova Scotia, Canada

I’ve never had counseling or coaching before and Suzette made me realize how much I actually needed it.  She made me see what I was actually doing wrong all these years.  Here, I thought it was only the men I was dating.  I’m constantly finding myself listening and remembering our sessions, being reminded of what I need to do when a particular situation would come up or if I meet a particular guy.  It feels good to know that there are things I can do to alleviate or mitigate some of my stressful interactions with men.  I definitely feel like I’ve become a better person and can honestly say that I look forward to dating again.

A. Travis
Montgomery Village, MD


*Individual results may vary based on readiness and level of commitment.  The goal of my coaching is to provide you with insights and solutions that are both practical and practicable to give you a better experience of life and relationships.   


It is that missing piece that no relationship book, seminar or relationship expert was able to give me.  Because of that, the information they provided wasn't enough to resolve my relationship challenge or to get down to what was really eating at me.
What my 40+ year trek to relationship success taught me was an unchanged mind can can only process information one way.  That's why it might be a new relationship, but it keeps ending up the same ole way. . So, what my webinars - and all my solutions - do is equip you with what you need to rewire your thinking to your most authentic answer.  



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