It doesn't matter how old you are,

how many divorces you've had,

how many failed attempts you've made,

what you've been told or what the statistics say,

you can B-R-E-A-K the cycle and experience a love greater than you can dream or even imagine!


🤥  DEBUNKS THE MYTHS that you’ve been led to believe, but simply aren't true

😔  EXPOSES THE L.I.D.S., those limiting beliefs, those ideologies, those disconnects and those stories that keep attracting what you don’t want

🙂  GIVES YOU THE KEYS to unlock the answers to those paralyzing, peace-robbing questions that keep you up at night

🙂  OFFERS A PROVEN SOLUTION to doing love differently and understanding men

...and much more


My foundation for love and relationships was built on myths!

What my momma and daddy told me...

What my church taught...

What my friends thought...

What my society, community and culture believed about romantic relationships...

Were all adaptations and distortions passed along from one person to the next.

That's why my webinar debunks myths with some cycle-breaking truths.


L.I.D.S. are barriers.  Pure and simple.  They keep you from experiencing fulfilling relationships.  

limiting beliefs,



and stories

keep you trapped.  With my webinar, I expose them so you can see them for what they are: somebody else's definition, not your own.


Keys unlock doors.  And knowledge is a key.

However, if you've never experienced a healthy romantic relationship, keys aren't enough.  You don't have a healthy context for it!

It's like having a dollar, but not knowing how to spend it.

What you don't know hurts you.

What you don't know about what you don't know, hurts you even more.

That's my webinar gives you the keys and the context.


Helps you to do love differently

by providing a framework to put into practice your empowered perspective and context for loving.

From this new vantage point, you can

end the cycle of self betrayal


and attracting Mr. Wrongs.

Helps you to understand men better  

their communication, code, culture, context and conduct

thereby getting closure from past relationships

and having more clarity going forward.


Here's my husband walking me out on stage

a month before I turned 60

I had no idea he was looking at me like this!

But his joy and his pride is evident.

And even more important

The smile on my face is real

I'm holding the hand of a man who really loves me

and I can receive it wholeheartedly because the me he loves is the me I love too

Had I believed the statistics

had I not challenged the myths and the L.I.D.S.

had I not learned to use the keys I was given in the right way

had I not learned to do love differently

had I not studied, researched, listened and believed the men who told me the truth about them

insecurities would have robbed me of the love I had prayed for

I didn't know he was a diamond

but I knew I was

And I know you're a diamond too

and you are THE ANSWER you're looking for!

That's why I am so passionate about helping women discover THEIR ANSWER so they can do love differently and experience joy and healing in their relationships.


It is that missing piece that no relationship book, seminar or relationship expert was able to give me.  Because of that, the information they provided wasn't enough to resolve my relationship challenge or to get down to what was really eating at me.
What my 40+ year trek to relationship success taught me was an unchanged mind can can only process information one way.  That's why it might be a new relationship, but it keeps ending up the same ole way. . So, what my webinars - and all my solutions - do is equip you with what you need to rewire your thinking to your most authentic answer.  
If you can find YOUR ANSWER, you don't have to ask other people for theirs. 
My webinar connects you with something more powerful than what you've experienced or are experiencing right now:  YOUR DESIRE FOR CHANGE.  That is more powerful than anything and gives you the capacity to forge a new connection to your AUTHENTIC TRUTH.
From there, you can B-R-E-A-K the cycle of failed relationships and attract healthy love into your life.


After being divorced for 8 years, I was ready to meet a life partner. As seeing myself as someone who’s never had a successful relationship, the idea of beginning again was frightening and although I had done much self-discovery work in the years since the divorce, I still carried many preconceived notions about men and had no idea how to let go and move forward. I knew I needed some help.   

Relationship Solutionist, Suzette Vearnon is truthful, authentic and transparent and connecting with her was complete game changer!  After sitting through her “How to BREAK the Cycle of Failed Relationships” webinar, I was excited about the opportunity for a free SOS Session. During our session, Suzette listened intently and heard my concerns. Our time together came to a close with me feeling empowered with the knowledge that I don't need to do anything I just have to be.

This time with Suzette was invaluable and I look forward to more of her wisdom and guidance on this journey!

L. Daniels
Chicago, IL

When I came to my SOS Session with Suzette, I was kind of lost in the self-help world, looking for direction in the wake of my divorce and sexual assault. Within the first five minutes of the coaching session, I had already experienced an Ah Ha! moment when Suzette asked me why I was putting so much pressure on myself to have it all figured out? I’ve achieved clarity on the importance of gifting myself time, patience, and being able to feel all of my emotions without needing to analyze them. I’ve been hiding the most vulnerable and intimate parts of myself from potential partners and I’m now learning to trust that I can truly be all of myself.

Working with Suzette will open your mind to the questions you’ve been asking yourself because she hears what your heart is seeking.

S. LeLievre
Nova Scotia, Canada

What can I say about Ms. Suzette?  I’ve never had counseling or coaching before and she made me realize how much I actually needed it.  She made me see what I was actually doing wrong all these years.  Here, I thought it was only the men I was dating.  (Men are weird creatures) I’m constantly finding myself listening and remembering our sessions, being reminded of what I need to do when a particular situation would come up or if I meet a particular guy.  Her wisdom and intuition has helped me tremendously and I absolutely recommend her.  Our sessions would cause me to look inside myself in a way I never have.  It feels good to know that there are things I can do to alleviate or mitigate some of my stressful interactions with men.  I definitely feel like I’ve become a better person and can honestly say that I look forward to dating again.  Thank you Suzette!  I’m confident that I’ll find my “Robert” one day.  You are truly, truly a gem.

A. Travis
Montgomery Village, MD