Introducing This Exclusive Webinar From Your Relationship Solutionist, Suzette Vearnon

How To B-R-E-A-K The Cycle of Failed Relationships and Attract Healthy Love Into Your Life

What You Will Learn On This Webinar...
Award Winning Inspirational Writer and Relationship Solutionist, Suzette Vearnon is not your regular relationship coach. She has cracked the code on what puts GREAT back in your life and relationships! It's knowing you are enough! And so, with her MusicMath Approach, she helps high achieving women redefine what makes them enough on their own terms.

If your relationship resume reads like this...

  • Working on myself but my relationships aren't improving
  • Losing myself in relationships
  • Discounting my value
  • Attracting fixer uppers
  • Limping away from relationships questioning my enoughness
  • Accomplishing in life but failing in love
  • Falling for men who can't love me the way I want to be loved
  • Betraying my values
  • Clinging to Mr. Wrong and repelling Mr. Right
  • Investing more than I can afford to lose
  • Suffering for love're stuck in a cycle of failed relationships.

On this webinar, Your Relationship Solutionist, Suzette Vearnon is going to help you get your whole relationship life right by offering relationship solutions that will:

  • Debunk myths and beliefs that have been adopted but do nothing but fuel the cycle

  • Break through L.I.D.S. (L.imitations, I.deologies, D.isconnects and S.tories) holding you back from experience healthy love and true partnership

  • Equip you with a tried-and-true solution that, if used correctly, will revolutionize how you experience love and men going forward...and help you get your confidence back.

If you're not sick and tired of being sick and tired and can't rationalize settling any longer, this webinar will be the rope you need to pull you out of the quicksand of relationships past. 

Let me caution you though, it will require that you stop hiding behind your victim story and show up authentically.  


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"How to Break the Cycle of Failed Relationships and Attract Healthy Love into Your Life"
11 Apr, 2021 18:00 EDT
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