Music + Math = A Happier You

Hi, my name is Suzette Vearnon.  For 50 years, I've brought my MusicMath Mindset into everything I've done. Without it, I would not have survived a childhood of emotional bankruptcy and the repeated offenses against my voice and my value that I allowed.  It was my ear for music that tuned into what was off pitch.  It was my mathematical mind that figured out what didn't add up.  By applying these music and math principles to my life, I discovered a higher vision for my life and that music + math = a happy Suzette.  For a more intimate look at my journey, check out My Story.

MusicMath amplifies your voice, your value and your vision.

You see, I've discovered that when music and math are working in sync, it amplifies your voice, your value and your vision. Things became clear!
Perhaps that's why the people who call me most are professional women. They understand the math for they are movers and shakers in their families, their lives and their careers.  But it's come at great expense.  They can't hear the music anymore. They've lost the joy.  And while they love being excellent at what they do, they hate the price they are paying for it.
They are women who have experienced at least one failed marriage and are still plagued by broken relationships.  Then there's the flip side.  The women that contact me who have recently found new love and want to bounce things off me because they can't afford to get it wrong this time.
Regardless to whether you're having difficulties finding love or have found it and don't want to lose it, my time-tested MusicMath coaching method strikes a harmonious chord and balances the books, delivering an inner-powering plan that can be easily followed.

Our Three Step MusicMath Process

It all starts with your M.I.N.D. 

We help you:
Move up
I.   ncrease your value
Neutralize comparisons
Dominate your space

Step Two is to M.O.V.E.  

We help you:
Mobilize your mindset
O. wn your actions
V. isualize your outcome
Elevate your commitment

Step Three is L.E.A.D. 

We help you:
Listen more
E. ducate yourself
A. ct from within and without
Develop others