Do you intimidate your lovers?
Is your mate playing second fiddle to your career?
Do you make it hard for a man to love you?
Do you treat every man like the man who left you?

Check out my webinar, "What Is Your Enough Factor?".  This 45-minute free webinar removes the L.I.D.S. (L.imitations, I.deologies, D.isconnects and S.tories) that keep you from experiencing the love you desire!

So, What Exactly Is the MusicMath Approach?

MusicMath is a first-of-its-kind, cutting edge approach to relating designed to journey high-performing professional women from relationship WOES to WINS!  It was one of those aha moments that made me jump up out of my chair, take out my magnifying glass and do my own CSI investigation on my love journey. Music, math and biblical principles I had heard over the years jumped to attention and helped me to see the L.I.D.S. (Limitations, Ideologies, Disconnects and Stories) that prevented me from hearing my own "music."  As a result, instead of my "math" multiplying positive relationships with men, I found multiplied skeletons in my relationship graveyard - metaphorically speaking, of course.  I literally traced every decision I made to the mindset that fueled it.  What I saw was startling!

Love isn't chance.  There is a formula--a formula as old as time--for having great love.  The problem happens when we don't know we are enough.  That's when we misuse the formula!!

With one tweak you can change the trajectory of your relationships!


People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.
--H. Jackson Brown Jr. to Maya Angelou.

The Workshop Was So Good I Attended Twice

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She Had All Of Us Mesmerized

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Suzette Is Phenomenal

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Gloria M.

She Is Amazing

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Melissa D.

Exceptional, Knowledgeable and Enlightened

Suzette by far is an exceptional, knowledgeable and enlightened instructor, coach and mentor. Continue Reading

Tina W.