"The call isn't to do more.  It's to be more!"

I was the first to graduate from college, get a second degree and a coaching certification.  I was the first to become an entrepreneur and later a business owner.  I was the first to get married again after divorce, and then to have a second divorce, and then to get married a third time!  I think this third's a keeper!!  And while I've coached others who, like me, are driven to set goals and achieve them, I've always sensed a deeper need stoking their urgency.

For a long time, I've believed, like Oprah, that the core of that need was to feel seen, to feel heard and to feel that they matter.  But there is a deeper need still.  It's the need to know who you are and why you are enough.

That's why my coaching had to change!

It had to shift from "How I Changed The Way I Dated And Got The Man" to What Is Your Enough Factor?   It had to shift from how-to's and should-I's to removing the L.I.D.S. that keep you from attracting great love in your life.  It had to shift from merely getting you from here to there as quickly as possible to helping you resolve the valley  in between.  It had to shift from an outcome to in-come.  Your relationship with yourself! 

You see, I realized that unless I helped you connect with your enoughness, your happiness with getting the man would be momentary and having the life you desire would not bring you fulfillment. 

My podcast is for individuals who want to redefine what makes them enough in life and in love.


There are 3 critical factors to your enoughness...


    It's YOU expressed in words.  Your essence.  Your verge.  Your dash.  Your way of looking at things.  Your way of being in the world.  Silencing not only erases your voice.  It erases you.


    It's YOU expressed in currency. It's the value you place on yourself.  It's the stuff that standards are made of.  While worth is what someone is willing to pay, your value is not contingent on that.  It is what you say.


    It's both YOU recognized and You recognizing what's yours.  While dreams can be shaped by externals like "I'll have what she's having," visions are insight-driven.  They are Divine awakenings to who you are and why you are.