To own your own business?
To experience great love?
To do something meaningful with your life?

We've found 10 ordinary women who listened to their own music, did the math and decided to invest in their dreams anyway, achieving e x t r a o r d i n a r y success. Their incredible stories of triumph over challenge will inspire you 

To be the music.  To do the math.  To have the dream.

BE The Music. DO The Math. HAVE The Dream.

You are The Music and The Math

Women are increasingly assuming places of prominence in today's society.  You are high performing heads of households and CEOs of  Fortune 500 companies.  And, despite the often disparaging ratios of men to women, still hold all the cards in the relationship. You are the MusicMath Woman.  You are the music and the math: the dream and the dream weaver.  Still, all too often, you struggle to synchronize having a relationship with a demanding career or a big vision. Wrong!  

Hi, I'm Suzette Vearnon

For 50+ years, I've brought my MusicMath Mindset into everything I've done. Without it, I would not have survived a childhood of emotional bankruptcy and the repeated offenses against my voice and my value that I allowed.  It was my ear for music that tuned into what was off pitch.  It was my mathematical mind that figured out what didn't add up.  By applying these music and math principles to my life, I discovered a higher dream for my life and that Music + Math = A Happier Suzette. Find out more about me in My Story

So, What Exactly Is MusicMath?

MusicMath is a first-of-its-kind, cutting edge approach to relating designed to journey high-performing professional women from relationship WOES to WINS!  We amplify your voice, your value and your vision using music and math principles that apply to every day life. Our clients experience a seamless rebound, feeling more confident than ever before and even experiencing life and love in a whole new way. Find out more in About Us


People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.
--H. Jackson Brown Jr. to Maya Angelou.

The Workshop Was So Good I Attended Twice

My experience of the Enough Virtual Workshop was so amazing that I had to experience it not once, but TWICE. Continue Reading

Andrenee B.

She Had All Of Us Mesmerized

Suzette was so inspiring–she had all of us mesmerized with her words of strength and encouragement. Continue Reading

Bonnie K.

Suzette Is Phenomenal

I don’t want to give away all her coaching techniques but, I must touch on her 4 week “Enough Virtual Workshop” which put the icing on the cake. Continue Reading

Deb C.

I Found My Voice Again

Post-divorce, I didn’t like my life as a single woman. I hated coming home to an empty house and resented Continue Reading

Gloria M.

She Is Amazing

Suzette has given me some profound insights which have reshaped how I look at myself, who I attract, and who I accept into my life. She is amazing!” Continue Reading

Melissa D.

Exceptional, Knowledgeable and Enlightened

Suzette by far is an exceptional, knowledgeable and enlightened instructor, coach and mentor. Continue Reading

Tina W.